How to Change the User Agent of Your Firefox Browser [For Android]

You know that Firefox is really a trusted web browser for Mobile bloggers and I have been using it since last few days. There are so many options along with add-ons those might grab your attention within moments. I have compared Firefox with Opera and you know that I gave more points to Firefox than Opera for its usability and features. Firefox is such a browser that can also give you the source page of any line web page with the help of View Source Mobile. There are also some add-ons which are really trustworthy and easy to use also.

However, you know that what the “User Agent” is. Anyway, User Agent is a term which supports us to regulate the browse version and the type of browser. I have also told you the trick by which you can change the user agent to IE7, IE8 and IE9 from IE10. Actually, it helps us to check a web page view from various browsers without installing all of them on a same machine. I don’t know whether this kind of add-on is available for the desktop version of Firefox or not but you can easily grab an add-on for your Android version.

Meet Phony. With the help of this add-on, you can easily change the user agent right from your Menu. Currently, it supports Desktop Firefox, Android (Phone & Tablet), iPhone, iPad, Chrome, Firefox OS, Lynx and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Whenever, you need to change the user agent, just go to the options and pick out Phony. Then select a browser type and press Ok. That’s all!


You might face problems when you will go to upload any media file in WordPress from WordPress Dashboard. As I have been blogging from Firefox, I faced this kind of problem when I went to upload a picture. Otherwise its cool.

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