Smart Features which Makes a Android Phone Really Smart

You know that now a days Phones got a prefix, called Smart. Whenever someone says “I have a smart phone”, each person around him, thinks that his phone has just about everything. But really that phone has everything what a smart phone should have? Do you ever think about this? Anyway, my enlightenment lets it clear by 100%.

There are so many mobile operating systems i.e. Android, iOS, Windows etc. are available in these present days. You can take hold of any OS out of them and say “My phone is Smart Phone”. Not only OS is enough but also some features are also behind to create a smart phone. For example, there are almost 3-4 versions of Android available in the market but if you have only two versions i.e. Gingerbread and Jelly Bean, you will apparently bring up a phone as smart phone which is running on Jelly Bean since you know Jelly Bean has more features than Gingerbread. But do you know the features those are obtainable with Jelly Bean?

According to me, some smart features are also ought to have to create smart phone. Even if those features are quite common in these days but you have got to check them out while buying a phone.

Let’s check those smart features:-

Sharing Option:

I still bear in mind those days when I had Nokia 2310 on my hand. That phone had only one kind of sharing option i.e. Messaging. And you know that you cannot share everything through message. That’s why a phone should have at least Bluetooth, Email, Facebook and much more and it should catch those sharing apps which will be installed from outside of your phone.


Connection means those mobile networks which do a phone hold up. For instance, older mobiles supported only 2G network when today’s mobiles support 2G, 3G as well as 4G. Although 4G is not so available but your phone must have 3G connection enabled so that you can browse internet faster than before.

Wi-Fi is also an additional part of smart phones. Some mobiles i.e. Symbian from Nokia has this feature but they do not allow you to make a hotspot for data sharing.


Short form of Global Positioning System which is accessible in most of the phones, is also a well-performed feature of a smart phone. You can identify your current location with the help of satellites. Though mobile phones couldn’t use this feature by 100% but still this is very much indispensable.

App Support:

Today’s phones are called smart phones for the competence of app sustaining. So, your phone must be companionable with some necessary apps such like Google Drive (Alternatively Sky Drive or Dropbox), Twitter, Facebook, Google Keep, Photo Management apps and more others.


Memory also makes a smart phone. For example, if your phone’s internal memory is like around 200MB and external memory is ~16GB, you cannot install tons of apps or store media files. You should choose a phone which has a good RAM.

Apart from these features, a phone also has some more features such as Qwerty Keypad or Touch Screen, good screen resolution, well camera and music player. So, this is my own view on smart phone. What do you think about a smart phone?

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