Don’t Miss Your Windows Theme Anytime – Save Them in Portable Mode

You know that Windows is the most use friendly computer operating system when the comparison comes with MAC, Linux and other OS. All software are very easy to use and the number of apps is higher than other operating systems.

Generally, we don’t want to miss our favorite things after going to anywhere. For example, music lovers always carry a headset with him/her. There might have tons of instances but today I am going to show you how you can carry your favorite customized Windows theme anywhere.

You know that all default things are not yet so good looking and that’s why some times we customize them according to our demand. For example, you might dislike the default wallpapers of Windows and that’s why you can rather use LoneColor to get rid of eyestrain.

Anyway, you know that Windows allows you to set your self-made wallpaper or any other wallpaper, change system sounds, screensaver and so on. But whenever, you will go to access another PC, you will miss all those things which you have set in your own computer. Isn’t it? Or you have two computer and you want to set the same self-customized theme on both. At this kind of situations, you can easily use my trick which will bring a solution for your problem. You don’t have to set all those things in various PC. Instead of it, you can get them all within moments.

How to save self-customized theme in Windows?

This is however very easy and not yet so time spender. Just do everything what you want to set. Hence, right click on that “Unsaved” theme and select the option that says “Save Theme for Sharing”.

Then, give a name of your theme. That’s all! Now you can carry that theme anywhere.


I have used this trick on a Windows 8 PC and I don’t know whether it will be working on any other versions of Windows or not.

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