Clueful for Android is the Best Privacy Consultant by Bitdefender

You know that Hackers (Stealer) are almost everywhere. You may lose your entire privacy if you will not be so careful at public place. To compete with those hackers, I have previously introduced some apps for Windows, Android and other operating systems. Generally, this is little bit challenging to strive with them to look after your privacy when you can at least take some useful steps.

And I think this is known for you that Bitfender is one of the trusted companies that provides so many good app. Generally, they are looking for Windows Antivirus but a few couple of days ago they unveiled an Android application that is called Clueful. Clueful could hide all clues from your mobile which help others to come to know about your confidential things.

We do not check any app before installing and hackers use this prospect to impairment your phone. It is however quite hard to pick out this kind of app which is being used to drain your device. But if you will use any Battery Saver, this is may be possible to protect your battery.

What is Clueful?

Clueful works in a different way. It will scan your device and pick out the app which is very risky /low risky for your phone. You can easily optimize them with this Android application. I do recommend you to run this application after installing a single app to know the hidden details.

After running it, a scan will be automatically done and a score board will be appeared on your screen.

Clueful for Android

Just press the option which says High Risk (If you have any app), Moderate Risk Apps (If you have any app) or Low Risk apps (If you have any app) to optimize and kill that app.

That’s all! I hope this application could aid you to protect your privacy from being disclosed at public.

Source:- Google Play

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