How to Add More Features in Quick Access Bar of Microsoft Word 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is the most used Office package. This is very much prevalent since it has so many good features aka options aka interface. I have been using it for past 3-4 months and meanwhile I did not find any bug or any problem inside this version of Microsoft Office. It is the comprehensive package for every kind of people. On other end, Microsoft is the leading software company out there and it is obvious that there each package will be prodigious.

Anyway, do you know what Quick Access Toolbar is?

If yes then Okey but if you don’t know what this is, I would like to explain it for you. After opening “Word 2010”, just take a glance at the button that says “File”. There will be a bar above this button where you can find only three options i.e. “Save”, “Undo” and “Redo”. This small bar is called “Quick Access Bar”.


By making use of this bar, you can do some complicated things within moments. You just need to add more options those are generally appeared as a sub-option.

How to add more features in Quick Access Bar?

This is however very easy because the option is almost there. So, to get started, press the “File” button and go to “Options”. Then navigate to “Quick Access Toolbar”.

Then choose any feature from left pane and place them in the right pane by press the “Add” button.

Quick Access Bar of Microsoft Word 2010

After doing everything, make sure your changes. As an example, you could find the following picture.

Quick Access Bar of Microsoft Word 2010

That’s all! Do let us know if you have any question.


This trick is also working on PowerPoint and Excel.

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