Introducing Verified Profile or Page in Facebook to Get Rid of Fake Profiles

You know that Facebook is one of them the best social networking websites that could help you a lot to get daily news and also grow up your own blog /website. There are tons of features inside Facebook. According to me, Facebook has more fake profiles than original one. And most of fake profiles or pages are on the names of high profile celebrities and journalists. Every normal guy like and follow those fake profiles in order to get latest news. But they always get the result of spamming instead of upcoming news. It’s a real fact.

And today here is a good news for all those victims who are suffering from that fake pages or profiles that Facebook has unveiled a new badge which helps you to pick out the original profile and page. The badge is looking as follows;

Though you, as a nor mal guy, cannot claim to be verified but each high profile celebrities, government officials, popular brands can do it by contacting with Facebook authority.

I hope this verified Profile or Page in Facebook could help you a lot to pick out and like the right profile.

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