How to Enable the New Gmail Inbox that has been rolled out Recently [On 29th May]

Do you know that Gmail gets a brand new user interface which could be grabbed within moments? The new interface would be very useful for everyone who wishes to acquire all mails disjointedly. Generally, Gmail doesn’t offer any user to separate their mails automatically in terms of Normal Notification, Newsletter from blog etc. But the new interface will fulfill this demand. But it will not automatically activate on your account. You will need to do it yourself.

You know that Gmail is the best email service that is formed by Google. The process of sending mails is the easiest thing that I have ever done with other mail service i.e. Windows Live, Yahoo etc. and if you would like to use an extension such like Send from Gmail, the previous process will be little bit time spender.

So, let’s check what’s new in this new Gmail inbox?

It will automatically scan your incoming mail and place them in anyone out of five different boxes i.e. Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums. Now you can easily pick out your mails. There is no need to find a newsletter out of your 50 mails. The new interface is for substituting it.

How to enable the new Gmail inbox?

There is nothing difficult to activate this new UI. Gmail has embedded the option almost in your account. Press the Gear button which is appeared at your top-right side and go with the option that says “Configure inbox”.

Then choose some tabs i.e. Social, Forums etc. that you would like to see in your previous inbox.

Enable the New Gmail Inbox

Now make sure your changes. That’s it!

How to disable the new Gmail inbox?

Though I didn’t find any reason of turning off but there might have many reasons for which you do not like this new interface. So, if you want to disable this UI, just navigate to the same arena and uncheck all the boxes that you have checked when enabling.

Now save your settings. That’s all!

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