How to Delete Bookmarks after a Pre-Defined Time in Firefox [Firefox Add-on]

You know that the feature bookmark is available in every browser to help us to save a particular link. You can easily add or remove any bookmark from your browser to get a clean and faster browsing involvement. But sometime comes when we do not need some bookmarks and it takes a lot of time to remove them manually. It will be rather helpful to use an ad-on to delete bookmarks after a pre-defined time if you think that there is no need to store all bookmarks till manual deletion.

On other Firefox add-ons such as Public Fox, Twitbin are really helpful for everyone that would help you surely in various situations. Anyway, let’s check this tutorial.

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How to delete bookmarks after a pre-defined time in Firefox?

There is an add-on that is called Temporary Bookmarks which will do everything what you are thinking about. It will create another option in right click context menu which indicates this add-on to add a link in Temporary Bookmarks folder.

All bookmarks will be stored in a default folder which is called Temporary Bookmarks. You can find it in Bookmarks Toolbar arena.

When it will delete all bookmarks?

Though there are some in-built options but still it depends on you. It offers you 8 options i.e. Remove when I close browser, 1-6 days and a week.

You will select the number of days by navigating the following arena;

Firefox >> Add-ons >> Extensions >> Options of Temporary Bookmarks >> Open Preferences

Delete Bookmarks after a Pre-Defined Time

After selecting the number of days, your bookmarks will be removed.

Hope it will be useful for you if you are a busy person and a Firefox user.

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