Share Any Web Page on Twitter in just One Click [Chrome Extension]

** Sorry! This extension is no longer available on Chrome Web Store **

Social Media aka Social Networking Websites has a lot of significant parts to grow up a newbie’s blog. Sometimes it works like a perfect alternative of Google AdWords. Anyway, Twitter becomes one of the best social networking sites with its millions of active users.

You know that you can easily implement a “Share” or “Like” button in your blog post to spread your knowledge over the world. There are also so many tricks to get more like, shares but that is a complete different story from it. You know that Google Chrome is such a well-performed web browser which is rocking on every kind of OS i.e. Windows, Android, iOS, MAC etc.

There are so many extensions i.e. Tabjuggler, Facebook Mini that may be helpful for you in various purposes. This article is also based on such an extension which would share any web page in just one click like Send from Gmail. As you have pressed the twitter button, you have done almost everything in order to share a page that you are currently browsing.

So, how to share any web page on Twitter in just one click?

Meet the extension which is featured as Tweet this Page. Just add it in your browser and press the button of Twitter share from the URL bar to share the current page.

But note, it uses a default account when you can manually add your own account. To do so, go to the Options page for corresponding extension.

Share Any Web Page on Twitter in just One Click

That’s it! You have almost done! Keep sharing and be a follower of our Twitter profile to get top updates.

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