Lock Particular Android Apps using First App Lock [Parental Control]

You know that Google Play is full of brilliant application, books and more and First App Lock is one of them that might be useful if you want to lock particular Android apps. Parental control is such a great thing that helps you to get control over each feature that you have. Instead of locking down entire phone, you can use a parental control app such like Android Parental Control to lock a particular application.

When you have left your mobile at a reliable public place, you do worry about your privacy. But if you are using a parental control app, you are out of that worry since you have locked down your most important app previously.

Now a days, you can find the effect of thieves at everywhere. To get rid of them, you should take care of your digital gadgets i.e. laptop, mobile etc. But only you is nothing whereas a software can do more than you.

As Android is one of the best mobile operating systems and their phones are not yet so cheap, you might be fall in problem at public place if you have an Android gadget because most of the thieves target high quality gadgets. So, you can either use a lock that will lock down your entire or use a parental control application to lock down a particular app.

But if you will use your phone lock, you will have to unlock that inside friend circle when your friend needs your phone for gaming, listening music etc. Meanwhile you have already dropped your phone into trouble because you have unlocked your phone and given it away to your friend. Now he can access your mobile entirely. Isn’t it? That’s why I always prefer an app that will lock down selected application instead of entire phone.

How to lock particular apps in Android?

I have introduced the name of the application that I am going to use. Meet First App Lock that will assist you to do so. At first, open it and set a master password. Then go to all apps tab and press the lock button to lock a particular application.

Lock Particular Android Apps

After doing so, whenever you will go to open that locked app, you will come across to a screen which will ask the password.

I hope this application will help you a lot. Keep locking.

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