How to Set Up Madmimi as an Auto-Responder [Review]

Though there are so many email newsletter distributors such like MailChimp, Aweber but Madmimi is the best free service for 2.5k subscribers. You can straightforwardly set up this service and send freebies i.e. ebook, tutorials, any list or anything else to the fresh subscribers. Madmimi is free for 2500 subscribers and you can send almost unlimited mails to them when free mailchimp service offers only 12k mails to only 2k subscribers. Other services e.g. Aweber doesn’t offer any free trial but Madmimi offers so.

When and why you should use Madmimi?

It’s a common question that comes out when Google Feedburner is there. You know that Google Feedburner is a free newsletter distributor that is produced by Google. Though you can send manually created newsletters to your feedburner subscribers using a useful plugin such like Wysija Newsletters but if you are using Google Blogger, it is quite difficult to do the same.

Suppose, you want to send something automatically to your new subscribers. At this situation, you can use this service.

Madmimi plans:-

Though Madmimi offers a free plan for only 2.5k subscribers but if you have more subscribers (I think obviously yes), you can upgrade your plan (Downgrade is also available). Plans are as follows;

Basic — $10/Month (500 Contacts, Unlimited Emails and Unlimited Storage).

Pro — $42/Month (10000 Contacts, 2x Speed, Unlimited Emails, Unlimited Storage).

Silver — $199/Month (50000 Contacts, 3x Speed, Unlimited Emails, Unlimited Storage).

Gold — $1049/Month (350000 Contacts, 4x Speed, 1750000 Emails, Unlimited Storage).

How to set up MadMimi as an auto-responder?

This is very easy to get started with this email service. After creating an account sign in to madMimi and create a webform.

Set Up Madmimi as an Auto-Responder

This Webform is the main thing where from you will have to set everything. Go to Advanced tab on Create Webform page. There are some empty boxes where you will have to enter some hyperlinks.

Set Up Madmimi as an Auto-Responder

Confirmation Landing Page:

This page will appear when someone click the Sign Up button from your subscribe page.

Activation Landing Page:

Here (as an example) I am giving away a free eBook which contains top 10 blog that provides digital gadget reviews. This page will appear after click the confirmation link from the email.

That is enough to set up MadMimi as an auto-responder. Now decorate your template and input it in your blog to get more and more subscribers. Hope this tutorial will help you a lot.

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