Things to check on very first day of every month

We also know many people who started blogging with a great interest but could not continue their blog for a long days.

But if you are a conscious blogger and want to continue your blog for a long days, you must have to check something on the very first day of every month. You can also check these following things on the starting day of your blog.

Number of visitors

It a real fact that you can not get more over 5000 or 10000 visitors at starting. But still you have to check your number of visitor on every month. For this you can choose Google Analytics. You will get a brief details of your blog visitors. But you are using a self hosted web site, you can get all these details from your control panel.

Number of subscribers

You can a subscribe box on every site which is controlled by Google Feed burner. If some o.e subscribe your blog by entering his/her email address, he/she can get all your latest posts. Check how many subscribers you have.

Post density

Check how many posts you have published in a particular month. If the number of post is more than 100 or 110, this is quite excellent for starting. You can decrease this number after getting a huge range of visitors.

Social activity

Check how many people you have on your Facebook fan page or group and how many people have seen your shared posts. If you are using WordPress, you van get the exact details of your social activities.
Hope this little bit of knowledge will help you to attract more visitors on your personal blog site.

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