Ultimate Backup for Android is much more than a Normal Backup Utility

There is no doubt that Android is one of the best mobile operating systems which has millions of apps in Google Play and other third party resources. Everything is possible with this Android. But when it comes to system crashes, you should take care of your gadget. Otherwise, you might lose all your data instantly. So, to get rid of this huge problem, I have previously mentioned some apps such like SMS Backup & Restore or AppSaver + Ass2SD and more others. Today I am again going to show you another application that could help you very much.

Why you should create backup?

There are two reasons for doing so. No one can say that “A Galaxy S4 will smoothly running till next 5 years” or even “Next 1 year or 1 month”. Digital gadgets may be damaged anytime and along with that damage, you might lose all your existed data i.e. contacts, SMS, documents, pictures etc. So, to protect it, you can create a backup file that will help you to get all your data back.

Or suppose your phone has all important documents for your office and you have lost it in train. I am little bit sure that there is no one who can save your job after losing your phone. But, if you made a backup at a scheduled time, you will again get all your data back.

Why Ultimate Backup is good?

In a single line, this software is the best for its fabulous features. You can synchronize your backup file and even entire device with cloud storages i.e. Box, Google Drive, Dropbox. You can generate backup of all your external and internal applications and settings. You can manage running tasks and also backup them separately.

This tool also offers you to share a particular application over Facebook, Gmail, Bluetooth and others. If your internal memory is little bit low, you can move your apps to SD card. There are also some apps that could not be visible without any software when this tool is enough to do so.

Key features:

  • Clear app cache
  • Share apps
  • Convert system apps to user apps and vice versa
  • App uninstaller
  • APK installer
  • Task Manager
  • Select app to kill on boot
  • Backup entire phone and synchronize with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SD card
  • Auto backup (Available in Premium version)
  • Batch operations (Available in Premium version)

And much more.

I am sure that Ultimate Backup will help you a lot. Keep sharing your knowledge with us.

Download:- Ultimate Backup

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