Why You Should Not Use Any Cracked Theme on Your WordPress Blog

You know that blogging becomes the best social sharing platform where from you can grow up yourself. But when it comes to choose a theme for your blog, you might be hesitating because there are a few couple of aspects i.e. SEO, Ad Space, User Friendly etc.

There are tons of premium theme clubs such as Themify, DIYThemes, Genesis and more others who provide beautiful themes in exchange of a few dollars. But the real matter is that there are also some people who are always busy to find out the cracked version of those themes in various torrent sites. There are also some sites that produce this kind of themes. For instance, you know that “Labnol” is one of the best sites from India and “Amit Agarwal” is a great web master. He has been using self-customized “Elemin” theme on his blog, Digital Inspiration. As he is an established webmaster, everyone wants to use a theme like “Labnol”. Though you can buy this theme from Themify.me but some people rather download the same theme from different torrents. Even, I had also used a torrent version of Elemin theme in blog when I started blogging (Now I am using the original theme from Themify.). But that gave me nothing but so many distractions. And I don’t recommend you to use those themes on your own blog.

Why you should not use any cracked theme?

Malicious Code:

Though it not obvious but torrent version themes may contain suspicious codes in the place of original code. You can check those code by making use of any plugin i.e. TAC. Or you can also make a search for “http://” in that theme directory to get all external codes.


If your theme contains the malicious Code, there are many chances to get hacked since most of the Malicious Codes come through hackers.

Load Time:

Most of the paid themes are very much fast in term of page loading time. But cracker themes are very slow. When I used the cracked Elemin theme, my page loading time was like around 7 seconds and sometimes it took over 10 seconds. But now pages load within 4 seconds. That’s not yet so bad.


If you are using a cracked theme, you cannot get any support from original theme owner. You are far away from their support.

There are also so many problem that you will face. So, which kind of theme you will choose for your blog? Original Paid Theme? Cracked Theme? Free Theme? Do let us know.

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