Introducing Windows 8.1 [Video Preview by Microsoft]

You know that Windows 8 brought tons of upgradations and this is far better than other Windows operating systems. Microsoft brings so many improvements in this newest version of Windows OS, Windows 8.1. Some blogs have been publishing so many introductions on their blog in order to acquaint with Windows 8.1. But on 5th June, Microsoft published an article on COMPUTEX 2013 which includes a video preview of 8.1.

What’s new in Windows 8.1?

Thought it will come with so many improvements, today I am going to tell you just the summary.

1. The start menu is back. Though Windows 8 has no start menu by default, you will get it in Windows 8.1. [7 ways to get back Start Menu in Windows 8]

2. You can run two different Metro apps on the same time by splitting the screen.

3. In IE, you can save any page as a reading list.

4. Better tiles. In Windows 8.1, you will come across to a new kind of tile size and according to some developers, it is far better.

5. New installed apps will not be pinned automatically in metro screen.

6. New in-built settings to select whether a user would like to go to the desktop directly on startup or not.

7. There is no need to update metro apps manually since Windows 8.1 will do it automatically for you.

8. Lock screen improvements. Users can add a tile like image on lock screen.

9. More Metro apps in Windows App Store.

Here is a video which will help you to know more about the new features of Windows 8.1.

I am sure that you have enjoyed this video. Stay tuned to get more news about Windows 8.1.

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