Access All Social Networking Sites from One Place in Android

You know that now a days every kind of people use various social networking sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. for different purposes. For instance, bloggers use these sites to grow up their blog and a normal guy uses these same sites to get connected with friends and so on. On other end, Android becomes the most handy mobile operating system since past few couple of years.

Android offers some apps for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others to get always connected with relatives, friends and others. But it becomes very much destructive when you are an active user of all those sites. If it is yes, then it will also be possible to get hundreds of messages, friend requests, tweets, direct messages from different social networking sites.

To check them all above mentioned things after one by one, you will have to open every apps e.g. Facebook to check Facebook notifications, Twitter to check tweets, direct messages, Instagram to check pictures and so on. It is also a time spender job to check them all simultaneously.

So, to get rid of this boring task, today I am going to introduce an application that lets you access all social networking sites from one place in your Android device. You will get control over all sites’ new feeds. You can check tweets, retweets, Facebook notifications and more others. There is also another reason for that I do recommend you to use it. Suppose, you want to update a news on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. At this situation, you will have to write the same thing for more than one time to update that on various sites. But this Android application would help you to update status at one time.

How to access all social networking sites from one place?

Meet KeepApp that will do all what I have told you above. Just install and run it in your device. At first, you will find a screen something like the following picture;

Press the “Gear” button and add sites that you want to access. [Note:- Every site requires authorization. But don’t worry, if you have not installed any app i.e. Twitter, Instagram, you can authenticate it from any browser that you have installed.]

Access All Social Networking Sites from One Place

After that, you can find all notification from various sites. To update the same status on different sites, press the “Add New” button and write down whatever you want. Therefore, you will need to select your authorized sites where you want to paste that news.

Access All Social Networking Sites from One Place

And you have almost done! Hope this new app will help you a lot.

Download :- KeepApp

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