Don’t Need to Press Physical Home Button, Just use HomeSoftly to go to Home Screen

You know that every Android device has a physical home button that lets you drop in home when you have already navigated a lot of options in your Android device. Now every people want to use a phablet rather than a phone or a tablet. You can grip and use a phone by making use of your one hand when it becomes quite difficult to do the same with a phablet or tablet. Most of the phones/phablets place the home button in the bottom arena, it is little bit difficult to press the home button frequently when you need. You must have to use your two hands to do so.

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After considering the above problem, you should use an app that lets you drop you in your home screen without pressing the home button that your phone has. Here, today I am going to show you something about such an application which you let you drop you in your home from the notification drawer which comes at the top your device.

How to go to home without pressing Home button?

Here is an application that is known as “HomeSoftly” which would do whatever I have told you above. No matter where you are inside your phablet, just press the HomeSoftly button from the notification drawer of your device. And you have done, now you are in your home screen.

Pros & Cons of HomeSoftly:-

This is one of the best apps in terms of home screen shortcut creator. It is light weight and easy to handle. It takes minimum space of your memory.

But the only bad thing is it’s accessibility. You will need to relaunch this application on each restart of your device.

Otherwise, there is no other comparison of this application. Hope this new tool would help you a lot. Do share your opinion with us.

Download :- HomeSoftly

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