Top 4 Audio and Video Players for Android

You know that Android is one of the best and vivid mobile operating systems that is produced by Google Inc. on other end, music is the best friend for some people and music lovers. Though Android (Other OS too) offers an attractive music and video player but sometime when we need to do something inimitable, this player becomes impractical. So, you should check this following list where I am going to show you top 4 audio and video players for your Android device.

Top 4 audio and video players for Android

MX Player

MX player is one of the best video players that I have ever seen. You can Zoom in or Zoom out your video clips when you are watching. After installing it in your device, it will automatically sort out your folders that contain video files.

Therefore, you can also watch Youtube or any other videos inside this player. For doing so, you will need to copy and paste the url or a specific video. Download MX Player:- Free | Pro


Top 4 Audio and Video Players for Android

Winamp is another well-performed music player for Android and it’s a good alternative of the in-built music player. You know that everything is brilliant in their own way and you will get more out your phone if you will choose “Rock” from Equalizer.

You can remotely play music after synchronizing your phone over Wi-Fi. It has an in-built music store where from you can down tons of audio files. File management will become easy by making use of this player. Download Winamp:- Free (Sorry, it is no longer available.)

Real Player

Top 4 Audio and Video Players for Android

You know that Real Player is a good music and video player for PC and there is no other good alternative music player. After installing it, it will automatically scan your media files e.g. Audio, Video, Photo and make some lists to check them in a brilliant way.

You can share any file right from your player. There is also an option to edit the Meta data of a particular file. Download Real Player:- Free

VLC for Android

Top 4 Audio and Video Players for Android

You know that Videolabs made your music more beautiful and they have also made VLC for Android that lets you do everything what you can do with your PC version. You can sort out your audio and video files by scanning media directory. It also does network streaming. That means you can also play videos online by pasting the url. Download VLC:- Free

I know that there are also so many music and video players for Android in either Google Play or any other third party sites. But it becomes little bit difficult to pick out the best one from them. Anyway, hope this top 4 audio and video players list would help you a lot.

Which player is the best according to you? Do let us know via comment.

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