OneQuick is a Sidebar Quick Settings App for Android

You know that Android has so many multitasking app such like Glovebox, Sidebar etc. that could change or do something faster than usual time. For instance, if you want to open gallery to check images, you have two options. Either you can use any multitasking sidebar app or you can put it in your homescreen. But it will be time spender to open home screen frequently when you are somewhere else in settings or browsing through any browser. If you are using Opera Mini or Firefox then it is cool but if you are using default browser of your Android, you will lose that current page on return.

After considering the above problem, you can easily switch yourself to a sidebar application that would not let you open the home screen to access gallery. You just need to swipe from your any sidebar and you have done.

OneQuick – the sidebar quick settings app

So, OneQuick is just like a sidebar quick settings app for Android that will do whatever mentioned above. You can easily open any settings i.e. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Gallery, Apps, games and so on. This is very easy to use and light weight (Just 2 MB). It supports auto-rotation which will help you to access this application when you have rotated your screen.


To add something in the sidebar, just go to your home screen and swipe from left side. Press the Plus button and add whatever you want from the existed list.


But why you are unable to uninstall it?

It’s a popular question with this application. If your device is not rooted, you might face this problem when you will go to uninstall it. But don’t worry and just navigate to the following arena in your device;

Settings >> Security >> Device Administrator

(If the above options are not existed in your phone, just go to “Device Administrator”)

And check whether it is activated or not. If it is activated, just deactivate it.

That’s it! Do let us know what do you think about OneQuick.

Download :- OneQuick

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