Top 5 Uninstallers for Android

Though Android devices offer a good application uninstaller but sometime we need to try an additional app that will detect and remove malicious applications in your device. Generally, the in-built uninstaller let not you preloaded apps when you can easily do it with the help of some third party uninstallers.

Let’s check top 5 uninstallers for Android

Although there are also so many app removers those are available in Google Play but this following list contains only 5 best tools which are very light-weight and easy to use for everyone.

Uninstall Master

Uninstall Master is one of the best uninstallers for Android. It has an in-built recycle bin that lets you restore your uninstalled applications within moments. You can easily remove any kind of apps e.g. system apps, additional apps etc.

Uninstall Master

Apps uninstallation becomes easier with Uninstall Master. The latest version of this tool is the most user-friendly. You will also get two or three extra facilities i.e. freeze or unfreeze apps, silent uninstall and restore if your device is rooted. Otherwise, you will get following facilities;

  • Batch uninstallation
  • Easily sort and find apps
  • Get rid of malicious apps
  • Bluetooth share option

Download Uninstall Master:- Free | Paid

KS Uninstaller

KS Uninstaller is a light weight freeware for Android that let you pick a specific application very quickly since it automatically separates all apps into following parts;

  • Internal Storage Apps (Apps that cannot be moved in External storage)
  • External Storage (Apps that has been installed in SD card)
  • Movable to External Storage
  • Cache Apps
  • Preinstalled Apps

Top 5 Uninstallers for Android

You can effortlessly find out an app that you want to uninstall or that is being take a lot of space in your memory.

Download KS Uninstaller:- Free


This is lighter in terms of size and memory. It offers single click uninstallation to its users. You can sort apps by following categories;

  • Name ascending
  • Name descending
  • Size ascending
  • Size descending
  • Date ascending
  • Date descending

Top 5 Uninstallers for Android

You can also remove apps in bulk by making use of Uninstaller.

Download Uninstaller:- Free

Fast Uninstaller

Fast Uninstaller is another well-performed Android app remover which can be used by anyone.  It comes with fewer options but all included options are much useful to delete suspicious applications. Alike other apps, it also offers batch uninstallation.

Top 5 Uninstallers for Android

Download Fast Uninstaller:- Free

Easy Uninstaller

This is one of my favorite uninstallers for Android which allows one click uninstallation. You can do all those following thing;

  • Batch uninstall
  • Support App2SD
  • Cached app list
  • Share app
  • Installed app names

And much more.

Top 5 Uninstallers for Android

It doesn’t allow users to uninstall preloaded apps since the developers think that missing preinstalled apps might be a reason of device crashing. It is itself a cached apps and that’s why you would need to refresh the app list after find it inside this tool after installing any new app.

Download Easy Uninstaller:- Free | Pro

I hope this little list of top 5 uninstallers will be helpful for you. Do let us know which software is suitable for you.

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