How to Disable Java Script in Adobe Reader to Protect Yourself from Newest PDF Spammers

Though PDF is the most secure file format after bearing in mind the locking system but now a days, this is not out of the spammers attention. You know that I have formerly published numerous articles on Portable Document Format by saying that it is the best format that would give you maximum protection. But according to Microsoft, this format is coming out tons of problems and they have also given away a list of malicious PDF files that might be looking something like the following;

  • pdf_new[1].pdf
  • auhtjseubpazbo5[1].pdf
  • avjudtcobzimxnj2[1].pdf
  • pricelist[1].pdf
  • couple_saying_lucky[1].pdf
  • 5661f[1].pdf 7927
  • 9fbe0[1].pdf 7065
  • pdf_old[1].pdf

These are the most common files that may spread virus in your computer. They have also announced some URL patterns for those files;

  • /Url/deemed_registers.php?mlnzk=0709023634&gkytzxb=


  • /nine/convince_measuring.php?cjrucx=1h:1k:1o:1m:1l&bumxdow


  • /links/dollar-knowledge-editors.php?cdkt=0536340702&ywem


  • /fine/genuine_purposes.php?qlxf=2v:1i:1g:1l:1j&vpnkgwp=38&ssall=


  • /flags/lady_fill.php?ypgu=3434343534&bgchvwrb=4b&jwl=


They have straightforwardly recommended you not to use those kinds of patterns to download any PDF file from the web.

According to Microsoft, spammers are spreading viruses through Java Script. Those Java Scripts might be very harmful for you and might a reason of crashing. So, to avoid them, you should not download any file from those kinds of URL patterns or any file that named something like the above mentioned names. But sometime, we need to download files which have a URL pattern something like that. At this situation, you can either avoid those files or disable Java Script in Abode Reader. It would help you a bit but not 100%.

How to disable Java Script in Adobe Reader?

This is however very easy. Just open your Adobe Reader and navigate to the following arena;

Edit >> Preferences

Pick out JavaScript from left pane and uncheck the radio button which is situated beside Enable Acrobat JavaScript and make sure your changes.

Disable Java Script in Adobe Reader

That’s it! Now you are bit safe from those spammers who use Java Script to blowout spamming.

Announcement of Microsoft

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