How to Enable Save & Quit Option in Firefox 21.0

You know that Firefox 21.0 is the latest version of Firefox browser series. There are missing some important features when it came with also other good features. Some versions have been offering the Save & Quite option by default when you cannot find it in this latest version. On other end Firefox is a brilliant and more secure browser which gives a good user experience and some good facilities.

What is Save & Quit option?

This is very simple to explain. Suppose you have opened more than one tab and want to quit. When you will press the close button, you will come across to a warning that will be looking something like the following picture;

This window is telling you that you have open more than one tab and if you will lose your tabs on closing. But if you enable Save & Quit option, you will be greeted to the following windows instead of the above one;

Enable Save & Quit Option

What is the benefit of enabling this option?

In a simple line, it will help you to get your previously closed tabs on re-launching the browser. Thus, you cannot lose your data anymore.

How to enable Save & Quit option in Firefox 21.0?

This is however very easy and there is no need to add any add-on or anything else. You will be done with the hidden control panel of Firefox. So, type about:config in your URL bar and hit enter. Grant the permission and again type quitwarning. You will get browser.showQuitWarning on your screen.

Enable Save & Quit Option

Just Toggle it. That’s all! You have almost done. Now whenever you will go to close your browser after opening more than one tab, you will get an option to save that season. Hope this feature will help you a lot.

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