So, You have Installed a Malicious Application in Your Android Device? [Survey & Update #1]

This tiny illustration would help you to check whether an Android application is malicious or not. There is nothing to say that spiteful software can mutilation your gadget entirely. But how to check whether an application is upright or not? A regular guy never does any scan or check before installing an application from Google Play or any other third party app producers. But you should check a few couple of things to detect whether an Android application is for you or not.

Detect malicious android app

This is the result of my survey which has been running since past 2 weeks. I am still on this assessment to reprint this article with more figures and diplomacies. And I think this is the right time to publish a part of my survey here.

Why did I choose “Android”?

I honestly want to say that I have to iOS device so that I can run my survey on iPhone or any other iOS devices apps. It’s a big reason for that I chose “Android”. I always surf a huge number of pages everyday to learn more and do more. Meanwhile, I found several blogs with a lot of Android Anti-Spam tool and they have said that now a days spammers are mostly pursuing Android since the number of Android user is huge. Even, I also found several threats against Android apps. This is my second reason why I have chosen “Android”.

Which tool(s) I have been using?

Actually, since I am an Android developer, I don’t know any name of such software aka tool that might be obliging for me. I just used (have been using) my PC, my phablet and Google Play where from you can download tons of apps for your Android mobile and tablet.

A case study to know most about an Android application:-

Though most of the people do not install Android apps by making use of PC but I would like to say that I got my survey idea from there. Though phone or tab also shows all those but it becomes a little time spender to do all those when it takes only 2-3 minutes to do the same from PC.

Rating /Number of rating:

detect malicious android app

The rating of a particular thing shows 70% quality of anything. You should also check the number of ratings.

Number of Installs:

detect malicious android app

In Google Play, you can find the number of installation of a particular application in last 30 days. Check whether the number of downloads is being go down or not. [Do check the launch date too.]

User Reviews:

detect malicious android app

You should also check the number of user reviews and the quality of reviews because it is obvious that a bad experienced person with a particular app will write a bad review aka negative review. Also check the number of reviews. I don’t recommend you to install an app which has 5(an example) reviews and every review is good aka positive as it might be a trap of that spammer. So, be aware.


Use an antivirus in your device. I do recommend you to use Advance Mobile Care or Zonar Antivirus. I had previously used Avast, AVG, Lockout etc. to protect my device but due to some reasons aka advantages, now I am using Advance Mobile Care. It scans automatically every application.

Update #1

Developer COnsole

When a developer will go to publish an application in Google Play, he/she will have to enter his site to know more about that app. So, do check whether your app has any developer site or not since a spammer will not enter his/her site in Google Play.

Developer COnsole

I hope this illustration would help you a lot. If you want to submit any tip, feel free and contact us and I will also update this article whenever I will find more points that should be checked.

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