How to Download Any Dropbox Folder on Your Android Phone

You know that Dropbox is a steadfast cloud storage that derives with a little free memory when it can be escalation by making use of different tactics. It is available for almost every OS e.g. Windows, Mac, Android etc. though Google Drive and SkyDrive are the nearest alternatives to Dropbox but I do prefer Dropbox rather than other cloud storages.

A Dropbox Folder Downloader for Android

If you have used (or been using) this cloud storage app in your PC or smart device i.e. Android, you have seen that there are some default folders where you can upload your files. But did you ever think the antithesis process? I mean did you ever think that how do you download those folders in your PC or in your mobile? I think no. the regular thought is “I am using Dropbox to make secure my secrets then why do I download those folders?” but what you will do when you want to transfer files between two cloud storages? So, the solution is described below.

A Dropbox Folder Downloader for Android

Use a Dropbox folder downloader:-

Meet Folder Downloader for Dropbox that would download or create a copy of your Dropbox account in your Android device. This is a single-click method.

Key features:

  • Create New folder to save the Dropbox file or folder.
  • Save backup file either in Internal memory or in SD card.
  • It has the ability to re-download a filed download.
  • Ad-free.

How to download?

This is however very easy task. Open this app in your device and authenticate your Dropbox account. If you have not installed Dropbox app in your device, it will take the help of a browser.

A Dropbox Folder Downloader for Android

Then select what you want to download. (Or a Download all option is almost there) to download a file or folder, just press that for 2-3 seconds to get the download option.

Select destination and that’s all what you have to do. Hope this application will help you a lot.

Download:- Folder Downloader for Dropbox

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