Img2Tab is an Image Opener for Google Chrome [Chrome Extension]

No doubt that Google Chrome extension is much better and helpful for those who want to do something faster that usual. You can do whatever you want with the help of Google Chrome but before doing that, you will have to make a search for corresponding extension in Chrome Web Store.

Anyway, you know that most of web pages have at least one image and most of the bloggers also embed images to attract visitors. But what happen if you want to save all images or open only images from a single webpage at once? Instead of opening them after one by one, you can use Img2Tab to open them all at once.

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How to open all images at once using Img2tab?

At first, add Img2Tab in your Chrome browser from the link provided below. Then go to any page where from you want to open pictures and right click on it to select Img2tab.

There are four (4) options i.e. Actual, Actual (Single tab), Linked and Linked (Single tab).

Actual:- Open all images in a different Window.

Actual (single tab):- Open all images in a single tab.

Linked:- Open images that is linked to another page in a different Window.

Linked (single tab):- Open all linked images in a single tab.

That’s it! Try this extension, it will not harass you.

Download: Img2Tab (Chrome Web Store)

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