How to Check Domains those are Hosted on Your Shared Server

Blogging is such a great social networking site that also gives you the opportunity to earn your living. There are thousands of bloggers who depend on blogging to earn money. However, that is a different story but all those achievements are linked with your working method and choice to choose something perfect for your blog. Hosting is another huge matter when it comes to shared hosting. There are three kind of hosting i.e.  shared hosting, dedicated server and VPS (Virtual Private Server) that a blogger can choose for his /her blog.

Definition of Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server and VPS:-

Though it cannot be explained in a few words but I would try to do so.

Shared Hosting:

Shared Hosting is just those families who live in a flat that is owned by a single person. You will have to rent your server. (Recommended:- Hostgator)

Dedicated Server:

Dedicated Server is like some flats those create a society. You will have to pay more than Shared Hosting. (Recommended:- Hostgator)


VPS Hosting is like the society or your own home where you can do anything whatever you want. No one will not disturb you. (Recommended:- SpeedHost)

Though every newbie starts their blogging journey either on Google Blogger or on Self-Hosted WordPress but at starting, they don’t have much money to spend every month and that’s why most of the people choose Shared Hosting. Though it is good to tackle 3-5k traffic but when your blog will be growing up, you should have to migrate your blog to upper class aka dedicated server or VPS.

But before that when you are using shared hosting, you will need to check those domains those are hosted on your server. A porn site harms your blog. Though the effect not so much but still you should take care of it. Here is video that is conducted by Matt Cutts, head of Google Web Spam Team, that explains this.

But how do you check those sites? If you will order that to your hosting provider, they will not give a positive reply since they don’t want to reveal any site. You will have to do that at your end.

How to check domains those are hosted on your shared server:-

This is pretty easy. In fact, you can check other site info too. Anyway, you know that every web server has their own IP address. You will have to pick that out. So, at first, open your command prompt in your PC and type the following line;



And hit enter. (Replace with your own blog URL) Now you can find a screen something like the following picture;

Then, go to the homepage of Reverse IP Domain Checker and paste the IP address that is appearing in the first line (Check the above image) and paste that.  Click on Check button.

Check Domains those are Hosted on Your Shared Server

Then, you can find all domains those are hosted on your same server. That’s it!

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