Protect Your Ads from Click Bombing [WordPress Plugin & Case Study]

You know that blogging is a good sharing technique and WordPress is the best CMS which has tons of free and premium themes and plugins. You can boost your blog by making use of those themes and plugins (By ignoring Content as Content is the King anytime). If you are a blogger, there is no doubt that AdSense is unknown for you. But now a days, click bombing becomes a great distraction that might damage your earning. If you are an AdSense user, you will find this effect in most of days.

How to check whether your account is affected by click bombers or not?

AdSense is very sensitive in terms of the rates of CTR. You will have to check the CTR(ClickThrough Rate) which is calculated by this following formula;

Page CTR = Number of Clicks /Pageview

AdSense allows maximum 7% CTR for a tech niche blog (I don’t know how much CTR is acceptable for other niches e.g. fashion, Financial etc.) you will have to check your CTR regularly.

There is also another term, called CPC (Cost-Per-Click) which is calculated by dividing the estimated earning by the number of clicks. Suppose, you have been getting average $0.50 per click but you have got $100 for 10 clicks. Those clicks might be from a real visitor but AdSense will not allow those clicks. A sudden increase may suspend your account.

How to protect ads from click bombing?

In WordPress this is very easy since it has so many plugins. Though there are dozens but today I will introduce you only one that is known as Who Sees Ads. It will help you to put various rules around your ad codes. You can hide your ads from particular people and this is the main reason for that several bloggers are using this plugin.

Suppose, you don’t want to show your ads to a regular visitor or you don’t want to show ads in a post that is older than X days etc. In this situation, you can easily use this plugin to do everything whatever I mentioned above.


You can upload this plugin in your plugin directory. [Download Link] or you can also install it right from WordPress dashboard.


After activating it, navigate to Settings >> Who Sees Ads.

Protect Your Ads from Click Bombing

Then fill up the form with proper rules and ad code and save your settings.

Protect Your Ads from Click Bombing


After that, go to the Widgets arena of your WordPress dashboard and put the widget where you want to show your ad.

That’s it! I have tested it using AdSense ad units. Don’t know whether it will be working with affiliate ads or not.

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