RedReader is a Reddit Based Reader for Android

You know that Google Play offers free and paid apps those are available for Android. There are also so many applications for different sites e.g. Reddit. You will get tons of apps for Reddit in Gooogle Play. I have previously introduced BaconReader for Android and RedReader is another app for reading Reddit updates.

You know that Reddit is an open source newspaper (according to me) that can be used either logged in or without logging in.

It offers various topics i.e. Politics, Gaming, technology and so on. You will get everything in this app. You can also specify the topic e.g. Hot, New, Rising, Top etc. inside a root topic e.g. technology.


You can edit your profile, submit posts, and check messages and more others.

A post can be up or down voted, share etc. just tap on an article to check the report, properties. In Properties, you can check title, Author, URL, Publish date, subreddit, Score etc.

In customize section, you can change theme, language, Posts font scale, comment font scale, show or hide thumbnails, on or off tablet mode, comment shortening, Fliping post left or right action, show or hide NSFW content, include or exclude a particular option from post menu and more others.

Since it takes a small space in RAM, your phone will not be hanged due to this application. Though it supports almost all versions of Android but you get better user experience if your phone is running on Android 4.0 or later. You will not have eyestrain due to this app because there is an option to enable night mode (a dark theme).

You know that there are several publishers who post animated pictures in Reddit. But don’t worry, you can easily view all those images using RedReader. If you are using Tablet, you will get two column view that lets you read those articles smoother.

Anyway, hope this Android app will help you a lot.

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