A Web App to Convert Any Web Page in PDF [Chrome, Firefox & Opera Extension]

Here is a web app to convert any web page in PDF. You can either use it as a web app or you can also install add-on/extension in various web browsers i.e. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Next etc. now I am using all those browsers simultaneously and I have found this tool in all those three browsers.

How to convert any web page in PDF?

Here is the tool which is known as Web 2 PDF. It is available as a web app and as extensions. This is one of the best and easy to use tool. It doesn’t require any sign up for converting 30 web pages/month. But if you need more than that, you can buy a membership right from here.

As a web app:

So, in order to convert a page, you need the URL of that specific page to enter there. Go to the homepage of Web2 PDF and enter the URL and then press the button that says Convert to PDF. Though it depends on the size of a page to convert it in PDF but it will not take a long time. After converting, it will ask you either download that in your machine or you can also save your file to Google Docs.

As an extension/add-on:

At first, install the extension/add-on in a particular browser and press the Web 2 PDF button after selecting a web page. And then click on Convert to PDF.

After a few while, you will get the option to download your file and save it in Google Docs.

Convert Any Web Page in PDF

That’s it! Hope this light weight tool will help you a lot.

Download Web 2 PDF:- Google Chrome | Mozilla Firefox | Opera Next

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