Identify Font that is being Used in a Popular Blog Logo

Font says a lot of things about the design as well as the designers. A good design makes a designer famous and a good font makes a design famous. So, as you have seen that there is always a link in both font and good design. So, it is very important to choose the right font at anytime.

Sometime, we squared numerous sites such as Google Web Fonts, DaFont etc. to guess the font that is being used in a brand logo or any webpage or photo. There are also some fonts which are not yet so easy to categorize. For example, check the following image.

Identify Font

When I asked some people the procedure or tool which can create this kind of arrows, they counseled me to use PhotoShop, GIMP or even Paint etc. to create so. But do you know that it is a font? Believe me or download the font right from here.

Though there are more than a few approaches to check the font which is using in any photo or page but it becomes pretty difficult to detect the font that is being used in an image. There are so many methods to ascertain the font but today I am going to show you only one process to do so. This is very easy and not yet so time spender.

How to identify font?

Here is a web app, WhatTheFont, which is a part of My Fonts, the biggest collection of fonts. It helps users to identify any kind of fonts within moments.

At first, select an image where from you are going to check a font. Then go to the homepage of WhatTheFont and upload it. You can also use any image around the web by pasting the image URL. Then press the Continue button.

Then help the tool by entering some words according to your image and press the Continue button.

Now, it will show you the font that is using in your image. You can either buy that font from there or you can also google it.

Notes around WhatTheFont:

Sometime it shows only related fonts instead of the original one.

Try to upload your image from your pc instead of pasting the URL.

Upload the exact part or your image where the font is actually situated.

Don’t try to identify a font which comes with a messy background.

Maximum image size is only 2MB.

That’s all! I am sure that WhatTheFont will help you a lot.

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