2 WordPress Plugins to Show Feedburner Subscribe Box

A blog, deprived of Fans, Followers, Subscribers is just like a black & white photo. Everyone knows that it is a photo but no one will pick out until you add some striking colors. Same as adding color to a black & white photo, you must have to do mainly two important things. 1. You have to write killer content(as always). 2. You have to add some widgets so that people can easily subscribe to your blog.

It is obvious that no one will go to your Facebook Fan Page to like your blog in order to get updates. On other end, anyone will not go to your Feed to subscribe your blog. So, you need to do something so that people can find your subscribe option frequently and at a glance. So, the best position is either under content or a popup (Consider user friendly popup).

Previously I used a plugin which supports Google Feedburner to give the opportunity to your readers to subscribe. Though after signing up to MadMimi, I managed that plugin for MadMimi but that was not the ultimate solution.

WP Subscriber Form:

WP Subscriber Form is such a WordPress plugin that will add a Feedburner subscriber form after content. You know that “after content” is a good place which attracts most of the visitors to be subscribed.

You can either download this plugin from the provided below for uploading it in your plugin directory through any FTP client or you can install it right from WordPress dashboard. After activating it, go to Settings >> WP Subscriber Form. In Settings arena, you have to add your Feedburner URL. (My Feedburner URL is http://feeds.feedburner.com/f1fb. So, in my case, I have to add only “f1fb”) you can also add your custom css style for this form.

Download:- WP Subscriber Form

SC Popup Subscriber Form:


Feedburner Subscribe Box

It will show a Feedburner subscribe box as a popup. Though this is one of the best places but I don’t like it since it is so annoying. It appears on every page, even after signing up.

The installation process is same as the previous plugin. After activating it, navigate to Settings >> SC Popup Subscriber. Then add our Feedburner URL like WP Subscriber Form and edit texts. Write some attractive texts (e.g. its free, it takes less than 30 seconds etc.)

Feedburner Subscribe Box

Download:- SC Popup Subscriber Form

Hope these two plugins would help you a lot. Consider sharing these plugins if you find that it is useful for you and other bloggers.

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