Silence for Android Automatically Manage Sound and Wireless Settings

The ultimatum of an app that would regulate all kind of sounds, data transfer and other manuals automatically is actually high. But when it comes to Android to find on Google

Play, it becomes pretty unpretentious since there are so many apps such like Tasker, Locale and even Silence. Silence made it simpler to manage sound and wireless settings inevitably.

When it is apparent that you will be in meeting from 12pm to 1.30pm and you will forget to switch your phone in Silence or vibrate mode, you might give Silence a try. It would automatically toggle your system sound* i.e. user profile, music etc. and wireless data transfer i.e. Wi-Fi, Mobile data** etc. You can also turn on or off the Airplane mode*** of your phone bestowing to your settings.

Silence also integrates Google Calendar**** scheduled and performs whatever the setting has been set. Silence is available for almost every Android version (2.1 and up) and that’s why developers made it easy to use and light-weight. Generally, Silence is available for free but you can grab the ad-free version which outlays only $2.

How does Silence work?

You need to perform a task in order to set up an event either from scratch or from existing Google Calendar schedule. Open this app and go through the ADD NEW EVENT option. Then choose the starting point.

Silence for Android

After that describe your event, set beginning and ending time, regularity etc.

Silence for Android

Go to the TOGGLES tab and choose a task that will be performed in future.

Silence for Android

Save your event and that’s all what you should do.

*System Sound:- System sound comes out when your phone gets a notification. But in Android 4.0 and later versions, ringer and notification volume are combined. You can split them by using a custom ROM.

**Mobile Data:- Mobile Data toggling is working only on Gingerbread.

***Airplane Mode:- Airplane Mode is not working on Android 4.0 and later versions.

****Calendar:- Calendar features support only on Android 4.0 (ICS).

Download:- Silence for Android | Silence for Android (Ad-Free)

Via:- TechCrunch

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