Say Goodbye to Google Reader

You know that Google Reader is going to be pensioned off which is really very bad news for daily readers as well as bloggers. You know that there are so many people who loves to read articles without seeing ads, popups etc. and Google Reader is the perfect environment for readers to read updates and for bloggers to get traffic/subscribers. But due to some reasons, Google is one the way to stop Google Reader.

You cannot do anything else with this service but you can still read your favorite blog right from other feed readers. Meanwhile, I have introduced tons of feed readers either for browser or for desktop or for Android. Today that time arrives when I should recollect them into one place so that you get some help under one roof.

Some Feed Readers:-


Feedly is the best app where you can read your favorite blog. You can also import your Google Reader account in Feedly (Be quick, today, 1st July is the last day). You can either get Feedly for Google Chrome or you can use it from web. Read more about Feedly at here.


Pulse is such a reader which is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and the web. Pulse is very easy to use and you can read any blog by submitting the feed url or by searching. The most popular websites e.g. TechCrunch, Verture Beat etc. are the in-built blog in Pulse. Read more and Pulse at here.


No, I am not joking. You can use Microsoft Outlook as a feed reader. You need to import RSS feed into Outlook to synchronize them online and read them offline. This is good since you can read your favorite articles whenever you want and how much time you want. Read more about the process at here.

Opera Mail:

Opera Mail also can be used as a feed reader like Outlook. But the process is pretty simpler than Outlook. Opera Mail is quite light-weight too. Read more about it at here.


Press is the best RSS feed reader for Android which costs only a few dollars. Press also supports Feedly, FeedBin, Feed Wrangler. You can add a widget in your lock screen and synchronize feeds in background.


FeedDemon is a good RSS reader for desktop. Though it was premium software but now the pro version is available for free. You can easily set up your feeds according to your choice. The process to get most out of this tool is little bit easy and not yet so time spender. Read more about FeedDemon at here.


FeedRoller is good since it has real time update capability. It notifies you whenever your subscribed blog gets an update. You can access this app right from Quick Launch menu in your taskbar. You can also manage your subscribed feeds in different groups e.g. Top Stories, Science or technology, Seven Site Updates etc. read more about FeedRoller at here.

Hope these top readers would help you a lot. Which is your favorite read? Do let us know.

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