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The method of creating a GIF image in pretty difficult since there is not so enough software that does so. Yet it is very easy to create GIF image online but it becomes little bit time spender when your data connection is slow. GIF images are looking great. But if you are a blogger, I would not suggest you to add this kind of pictures in your articles. There are two reasons behind this. If you turn a normal picture of a how-to guide, it might be difficult to check that image minutely for your reader. On other end, it increases the page loading time of a particular page (Tested through Pingdom).

But when you want to publish a quick tip or a long tutorial that may take long time to describe your thoughts in words, you can make use of GIF images. It solves your problem within moments.

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How to create GIF image online?

This is pretty easy with LooGix. LooGix is a simple GIF maker either from multiple images or from a single image. If you use more than one picture, you will get the effect like slideshow when you will get perfect GIF image effect by using single image.

For multiple images:

Go to the homepage of LooGix and upload your images or you can also use WebCam to capture images. Then select size and speed and press the Generate Animation button.

That’s all. Now you can share your GIF image with friends or you can also embed that in your article.

Create GIF Image Online

For single image:

Everything is same except selection. At this time, you have to choose the effect at first and then upload your image before choosing size.

That’s it! Hope this web app would help you a lot.

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