Top Google Products for Bloggers

You know that Google Inc. is the largest technology era that has been helping millions of bloggers in every moment. You can find them all in sitemap. Most of the bloggers start blogging on BlogSpot which is also produced by Google. There are also so many services/products.

Let’s check top Google products for bloggers:-

1. Google Blogger:

Google Blogger is known as BlogSpot and 90% bloggers did/have been doing blogging on this platform since it is free. You don’t have to pay dollars in monthly or yearly basis for domain and hosting as you will get free hosting from Google server. But if you are doing serious blogging, don’t go for (for India) domain instead of top level domain.

2. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is one of the best services that would give every detail about your visitors. It requires tiny domain verification for giving all traffic statistics. You will get top keywords, landing pages, most queries etc. from Google Analytics.

3. Google Webmaster Tools:

Generally Google detects a blog automatically to get indexed but Google Webmaster Tools helps you to boost that indexing process by 90%. You will also get Crawl rate, Trackbacks, Content keywords, Data highlighter, Malware Check etc.

4. Picasa: helped me a lot as CDN when I was on Google Blogger. I upload photos on Picasa and then embed them in blog articles.

5. Google App Engine:

By making use of Google App Engine you can create email address with your domain. I mean T looks quite professional. If you don’t want to sue Google App Engine, you can use Outlook as an alternative.

6. Google AdWords keyword Tool:

Google AdWords Keyword Tool is the best and free keyword research tool that I have ever seen. I have been using it for past 5-6 months to get keywords. There is a quote that “Best and Free never comes together” but in this case Keyword research tool makes it wrong.

7. Youtube:

Youtube is one of the best providers for hosting videos. Instead of creating a Vlog(Video Blog), you can rather use Youtube to host your videos. You can also embed them in your blog posts and get subscribers as well.

8. Google Plus:

Though Facebook is there but Google Plus also helps you to get targeted traffic for your blog by sharing content and creating groups and pages. This social networking site also helps bloggers to get authorship/show your picture in Google SERP.

9. Google AdSense:

After doing all, its time to make some money and Google AdSense is always the best choice for all kind of bloggers. There are millions of bloggers who are making their living trough AdSense which reliable too.

There are also so many products/ services those are produced by Google Inc. For instance, Google Search Engine.

Did I miss anything that is really helpful for bloggers? Do let me know via comment.

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