How to Set Custom Font Size in Firefox with No Small Text

You know that there are billions of blog and websites. And this is also a common matter that the choice of everyone is not the same. For example, some of my friends are always use either Calibri or Arial in their projects when I use Ubuntu everywhere except my blog. Just like this font variety, each designer picks their own adorable font for their blog or website. Along with the font, they also choose font size. But I would like to say that every font is not looking excessive with all sizes. For instance, Trebuchet MS font is not coming out with good looking with more than 16px/150% or Open Sans is fit with 15px or Ubuntu is suitable with 16px and so on. But I have a doubt if everyone has noticed it before or not.

It might be a culpability of designers when other readers suffer from this problem during reading an article. It is recognizable that people cannot read small fonts fluently. So, if you are a reader you can easily increase that font size by executing two different approaches.

If you have little bit knowledge about CSS, you can make change the font size from the style sheet. But here you will get a problem. You have to change the font size again after each refresh. To dispose of this delinquent, here is a Firefox add-on that lets you set custom font size.

Meet No Small Text which will help you to do so. There is no such difficult option that might fall you in trouble. Just add it in your Firefox browser from the link provided below. After that, you can find another button regarding this add-on in Firefox toolbar. Just press it and set a font size.

Set Custom Font Size in Firefox with No Small Text

As a result, you can find your selected font size in every website. To enable or disable it, just press the button once.

That’s all! Hope this add-on would help you a lot to read your favorite article in your own font size.

Download:- No Small Text (Firefox Add-on Gallery)
Thanks GHacks

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