How to Download Windows Phone Apps on PC and Install them in Your Phone

How to save bandwidth? This is a big question and the answer is pretty difficult to put into action on daily basis since you cannot make a habit in order to save bandwidth. You have to do so many things to get most out of your limited data connection package. Here is a tutorial that lets you download Windows Phone apps on your computer and install them in your phone. It is a great method to save bandwidth when your phone have a limited data connection when your PC has unlimited internet package.

However the process is very easy but you cannot understand anything if you read only the how to portion. This kind procedure could be executed with Android phones too with Google Play.

How to download Windows Phone apps on PC and install them in phone?

Just go to Windows Phone store and select an application that you want to download on computer. Suppose you want to download YouTube. For that, go to here and scroll down to download that. For downloading, press the Download and install manually button.

Download Windows Phone Apps on PC and Install them in Your Phone

In this case, a file called youtube.xap will be downloaded. Then send it to your phone SD card.

Then come to your phone and open Windows Phone store from phone. There will an option which is known as SD Card.

Download Windows Phone Apps on PC and Install them in Your Phone

Press it. Now you can find all your apps those you have put before. Press it and install them.


No application could be selected once you have installed by making sue of above method.

I have tried it with a Windows Phone 8 and don’t know whether it will be working with other versions or not.

There is a doubt with paid apps.

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