How to Update Status from a Phone that You don’t have [Android App]

Facebook! Facebook! & Facebook! I think there are no people who don’t know about Facebook. May be they cannot or do not use that but they at least heard the name before from anyone. Using of this social networking site is different for every people. For instance, a normal guy uses it to meet millions of friends. A blogger uses it to get more and more traffic for his/her blog/website and so on.

You can share photos, texts ask questions to your friends on Facebook. If you allow Facebook to grab your location, you can find an additional text (from New Delhi/from Kolkata etc.) inside your status update. If you are using a phone to do so, it will capture the phone name (i.e. from Samsung Galaxy S4/from Sony Xperia S etc.). But you can also use other phone names when you don’t have them. you just need an Android phone which is running on 2.0.1 or later version.

Update Status from a Phone that You don’t have

Status Via is such a great Android application that lets you update your status on Facebook from various phones including Blackberry, HTC, Android, iPhone, LG, Macbook, Samsung, Google Nexus etc.

How to update status using Status Via?

This is however very easy. Just install and run this app in your Android phone from the link provided below. Therefore you have to choose the phone from that you want to update some texts.

Update Status from a Phone that You don’t have

After that, write your message and share it.

Update Status from a Phone that You don’t have

That’s all you have to do. Hope it would help you a lot.

Download:- Status Via (Google Play)

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