SEO & WordPress [What does VT Think]

You know that whenever it comes to blogging – I mean blogging as business, you should choose your own home. I mean a top level domain, hosting, theme, apply top SEO techniques and much more. Its okey and must. But what will happen if you don’t do so after hearing that WordPress is one of the best SEO friendly platform? I think most of you don’t do anything apart from only article writing. But believe me, you cannot do anything or you cannot win anything by just writing articles about latest technology or latest gadgets i.e. laptops, mobiles etc.

You must have to apply various things since I think blogging is being done through test. That’s why I always make changes in my blog colors, play with ads etc. But what about SEO? Previously I used Easy WP SEO along with WordPress SEO by Yoast. But that works nothing for me. Yes I know that Easy WP SEO is one of the best SEO plugin aka master of SEO but I don’t think that is helpful for me when I can do all those things what a paid SEO plugin does.

If you minutely notice the procedure of a paid or even free SEO plugin, the only thing will come out. That is pretty much similar with following lines;

Add keyword in H1, H2, H3 tags

Add keyword in URL

Add keyword in Ccontent

Blah blah blah…

All those plugins just check whether you have entered or used your keyword in all those area or not. And that’s all! But if you are enough sincere about SEO and all those techniques, I thinks you don’t need those plugins. But some plugins like WordPress SEO By Yoast works really great even after it is available for free.

After all, I am also (Like You and other 5 bloggers) a servant of Google. You have to do whatever it says and likes. There are also so many tools like Gogole XML Sitemaps (Normal, For Image, For Video) which you must have to create and submit your sitemap in search engine through Google WMT.

What do you think about it? Do share your opinion with us.

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