Why do Some People Dislike Android

According to me, Android is one of the best systems that I have ever seen/used. Thousands of mobile phones and tablets are running on this system since past few years. Android is the most popular OS for its authority. I mean whenever I famous company makes something, their product spread all over the world rapidly. And Android is produced by Google which is the largest company in this modern world.

They give every kind of facilities t their users but still some people dislike Android because they have faced some issues on this. Personally my recommendation goes to Android because this is cheap and affordable when you have to spend at least $500 to get a good iOS device. There is also an OS and that is Windows which is produced by Microsoft but that is not yet so popular except Nokia lovers.

Why do some people dislike Android?

This is obvious that a particular thing might not able to grab the attention of every people. And Android is one of those victims.


Malware is such a thing that will surely help you to damage your phone (Just kidding). You know that I have previously published an article on this. [Read it at here.] There are so many resources to get free apps and paid apps for free. You can download your favorite apps from Google Play. But what is the guarantee that Google Play is a safe place to get apps? According to me, a hacker is much active on every common place than a normal developer. So, any spammer could develop an interesting app and spam through Google Play. Isn’t it?

Software Update:

Just read this simple example. You know that Gmail is a common app in Google Play which is available for every version of Android. But Google doesn’t update or upgrade that app for all versions or even you cannot download that updated app if you are using a lower version of Android. It will show you the following words;

Why do Some People Dislike Android

But there is no restriction for iOS and Windows.

Battery Killers:

According to some people, they want to use only their phone for incoming and outgoing calls after using some apps. They say that Android apps are the most harmful for any kind of devices. And really, Android applications and games take a lot of battery to run smoothly. Though you can make use of some stat viewer like BetterBatteryStats, Du battery Saver etc. but still you will face that problem after a few months.

I think these are most common and really harmful problems with Android devices.

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