Glextor AppManager – Manager Your Android Apps Effectively

Android is a luminous mobile OS which is covered by thousands of apps and all of them could be grabbed either from Google Play or from other third party resources. Everyone installs so many applications for a variety of purposes. Suppose, you want to stream Youtube videos inside your browser and want to get most out of your speakers when you are listening music. At this situation, you can use VLC media player and WinAmp correspondingly.

Just note that you have installed two apps along with your default music and video players. So, now you have total four apps only for listening music and watching videos. Thus, you might have 15 apps to accomplish different things i.e. fast browsing, handle passwords etc. To get them in a simple order, you can make use of any app manager such like Glextor AppManager.

This app makes it simple to manage your all apps by straightening out in different groups. Though this is the main reason for that you can give it a try, you can also use it to uninstall, share your installed applications. By default, it creates three tabs i.e. All Apps, Download and Favorites.

Glextor AppManager

You can find your apps in first two tabs when apps will be visible in third tab after sorting them out into groups. It has not so many settings but you can still do some changes such as language, navigation type etc. from the Settings page.

I think this is enough at this time. Hope it would help you a lot.

Download Glextor AppManager:- Free Version | Pro Version (Google Play)

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