Manage Your Chrome Apps and Extensions with SimpleExtManager

Chrome comes with thousands of extensions along with apps. There is nothing to give explanation how to use them because I have formerly initiated so many of them. Today I am going to give you some info about another extension that might help you to manage your chrome apps and extensions by straightening out in different groups.

This is a common fact that 7 out of 10 people use lots of extensions to do something rapidly. For instance, if you want to send any webpage to your friends or anyone else via Google Mail, you can try Send from Gmail which is a chrome extension and lets you do your entire process within moments. There are also so many examples. [You can check them at here.]

Anyway, everyone can install extensions. Everyone can use apps/extensions. But can everyone correctly control them? I think most of you are facing this same problem due to a lot of garbage. Isn’t it?

So, here is an easy way out. You can use various extensions to manage them. SimpleExtManager is one of those luminous extensions. It separates apps and extensions right after adding it in your browser.

You can create new group and add any extension/apps to get them faster.



It is as simple as said. It has also some options where from you can show/hide a particular icon or apps, or extensions. In a single line, it will help you to customize SimpleExtManager.

Download:- SimpleExtManager (Chrome Web Store)
Via:- Addictivetips

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