How Does a Cheap Web Hosting Provider Harm Your Blog

There is nothing to elucidate that what web hosting is and how many hosting providers there are. I think there are almost 50 hosting providers (not free) whom may sell their accounts in exchange of a few cents. But are they really protected to use? In a simple word, “No”.

There are tons of providers whom endow with hosting as monthly basis or yearly basis or custom. Some of them i.e. Hostgator, Bluehost, WebHostingBuzz are trustworthy when you might fall in trouble by using some unknown hosting accounts. One of my friends is now in problem and his hosting provider is not giving him proper support to solve his problem.

How does a cheap web hosting provider harm your blog?

There might have so many problems but today I am going to explain only main points.

Hosting Provider Geographic Location:

Previously I thought that geographic location doesn’t matter but after seeing the following Matt Cutts video, my thought goes wrong. A hosting from US or UK is the best anyway.

Maximum Dowtime:

A hosting provider should always try to give maximum uptime guarantee to their users but most of the cheap and attractive web hosting providers does the opposite. It might be a cause of low ranking in SERP.

Lack of Accessibility:

Every shared hosting account should have a cPanel which contains all the things which should have a cPanel. And any reliable and corporate hosting providers give a demo cPanel before buying. But I have seen many providers who do not give any demo to their buyers. You might fall in problem after buying.

Page Load Time:

Page load time matter when it comes to search engine ranking. You can write a great content to get well rank in SERP. And I am little bit sure that you can get a well rank too. But what will happen if anyone cannot open your site due to a high page loading time? You will lose your ranking within a few days. Page loading time depends on various things and hosting is one of them.

Lack of Blogging Software:

Though most of the people use WordPress for blogging but there are also some guys who love to use Drupal or Joomla to create Micro Niche site since of them are best. If you want to create forum, you need vBulletin or phpBB because they offer maximum facilities and security. You can find phpBB in some hosting cPanel but you cannot find vBulletin in low quality hosting accounts.

I think you should consider all those above mentioned things before choosing a cheap web hosting provider to get started blogging as business. You should collect info about hosting reliability, support etc. before buying. You can also discuss with other friends who have enough knowledge about them.

Bonus Tips:- At such like these cases, browse different forums to collect reviews since forum is a place where every people share their own experience.

Did I miss something? Do let me know what I actually missed via comment.

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