Priority SMS – Get SMS Conditionally on Android

It’s been a long while since when people are using the “SMS” feature on their mobile. In fact you can also send SMS anywhere over internet (Ex.- without having a phone. An old phone doesn’t offer so many options to get SMS or call as an interim measure i.e. for particular keyword or from specific contact etc. But if you are using Android, you can easily do so with the help of Priority SMS.

Suppose, in every morning you get 15 SMS from your friends who wish good morning. So, there is nothing to store them in daily basis even when you have a lot of space for your inbox. In fact this is very destructive to check all those messages after one by one. Eventually you wish to rub them out. But before removing, you have to check them. So, it would be better not to get those SMS in your inbox or get continuous notification on your phone.

Priority SMS is such an enormous app that might be accommodating for you if you are suffering from the above problem. It just disables SMS for particular keyword what you have to enter and contact. There is also another option to get alarm for missed call.

All those settings could take priority over the “Silent” and “Vibrate” mode/user profile. This app doesn’t have any other options except these mentioned things. So, it will be better to handle it.

Download:- Priority SMS (Google Play Store)

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