Why and How Deactivate New Social and Promotion Category Tabs of Gmail

Gmail has recently introduced another new feature that adds extra tabs at the top section of your Gmail account. In the older view of Gmail no Primary, Social or Promotion option could be seen as a tab format. Apart from the Social and Promotion option Updates and Forums category has been included to Gmail inbox window as well.

The new feature, if, is enabled to your Gmail inbox, it will automatically split all the incoming emails into several sections and of course one will not get all the emails in an inbox as listed format.

As I have already mentioned that all the inbox emails automatically split into several tabs, so an incoming mail from twitter might be found under ‘Social’ Tab of your Gmail account. You can move one email from one category to another by drag & drop method.

To get rid of those unusual tabs you just open the “Configure Inbox” option from the Gear Like Icon and un-check all the boxes to remove all the active tabs from your Gmail account. The option field also let you include ‘starred’ emails under ‘primary’ category from “include Starred in Primary”check-box.

Why People Hate New Tab Option of Gmail?

Now why should you deactivate those Gmail’s category based tabs and make all the incoming mails uncategorized? The reason is dead simple. Normally the ‘Primary’ category can be seen as a default view and other emails of different categories will be under new tab sections. So sometimes it fears to miss an important message if it is accidentally stored under different category from it’s actual one.

The new interface probably help blog writers and geeky people. But I guarantee that most of the Gmail users are a common people and Primary mode is the main section for them to make a communication via email. And the main reason behind deactivation of those category is that there are lots of email, people would get does not fit into any pre-defined category. If Gmail let them create new tabs for their own category, that’s only solution for them.

Sometime people with android device get no longer email notification to their mobile unless the email stores in primary section. So it is good to deactivate all the category tabs newly has been added to Gmail.

How to Get Rid of Gmail's New Tabs (And Why You Should) | Via: GIZMODO

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