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It’s been a long while since when people are using Instagram on their Android device. There are so many features in Instagram which is a great square photo sharing site and could be accessed well again with Android and iOS gadgets. Even if Vine (by Twitter) is there to contribute to small videos, but to compete with them, Instagram has launched a new feature which lets your share videos like Vine.

Do more with Instagram:

But when it comes to ease of access, you must get most out of a scrupulous service such as Instagram. Today I am going to share some apps those will help you do more with this regular photo sharing service. But it should be noted that I am going to initiate apps those are available for Android on Google Play.


Yes, the official Instagram app itself is a great app which is everything for a normal guy like you and me. You can upload square images right from your Instagram profile. This is as simple as said. Before uploading any photo you can entrench other effects, caption etc. On other end, video uploading is also possible with this app (For Android Jelly Bean). All other things i.e. account settings, profile management, following & followers management etc. are also possible with this official application.

Download:- Instagram



Even though the official Instagram app doesn’t agree to users to upload any dimension images except “Square” but you can use Instasize to upload any kind of images e.g. rectangle. It works like #NoCrop which is available for iOS. You can easily get rid of the crop screen that the official Instagram has by default.

Download:- Instasize | Read Full Review of Instasize

Split Camera:

Split Camera

I have just mentioned that Instagram allows only square image and this is truly hard to take hold of a square image to upload. And it will be tougher to find such an image when you have to upload a large picture. You may perhaps be unable to find a significant element of your image. But if you use Split Camera, you can reduce the complexity instantly. It will help you to split your screen when you capture a photo for Instagram. Though it will be much time spender to capture photo via this and then upload that through Instagram app, but you can atleast get rid of that problem.

Download:- Split Camera

Insta Photo Editor:

Insta Photo Editor

Though Instagram offers so many special effects before uploading an image, but you can make use of Insta Photo Editor to give some eye-catching effects and augment your image. This is not yet so difficult to use. It presents two options on starting. You can either capture a photo to edit or you can load pre-captured images.

Download:- Insta Photo Editor



Textgram is a straightforward but influential Android application that lets you create stunning square image with custom text. You can write whatever you would like and the result will be come out as an image. You can also insert various backgrounds, change font family, text shadow, stickers, frame etc. Though this app is not linked with Instagram site but because of its image dimension, everyone thinks that Textgram is a great app for Instagram. But after considering everything, apart from creating a square image, there is no association with Instagram.

Download Textgram:- Free Version

Hope these five apps will improve your occurrence of your best photo sharing site (Inatagram) within a few moments. You can easily download and install them without paying even a single cent.

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