Mass Watermark – The Best Tool to Add Watermark [Review and Giveaway]

Even though every country has copyright law to protect online stealers but still there are thousands of people who have been using other’s creativity at their end. There might have so many techniques to look after your content from being stolen online but most of them have become a insignificant problem in front of 90% stealers. Now they can use your content without facing any problem. You can protect your images from being hot-linked by making use of adding a code in your .htaccess. But that is not an ultimate way out.

You can use watermark on your images to protect them. In fact I have previously mentioned a web app that lets you do so. But since you cannot do anything without your internet connection, it becomes useless. You know that there is a tool, Picasa, which is formed by Google. You can add watermark by making use of it. But that is not really watermark as you have to write custom text in transparent mode. You have to increase the transparency. After all, you cannot add any image as watermark which is a great method to save your images.

So, what is the solution?

After taking into consideration all problems, today I am going to introduce a Windows app which is known as Mass Watermark. You can either download it in trial version or buy the pro version which costs only $30. This is a recommended watermarking utility which has both options “image watermark” and “text watermark”. This is very easy to use and you will come to know about all the features within a few moments.

How to use Mass Watermark?

As mentioned above that this is very easy to understand and use. Here is the complete procedure to add watermark in your images.

At first download/buy this app. You may just ignore that since we have organized a giveaway too.

Here is a video which will help you to learn the process in the easiest way.


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