How to Enable New Google Hangouts and Vice Versa

You know that Google is the biggest company in this world and they owned a lot of products/services for everyone. As a reference, you can check this article where I have mentioned all handy tools for bloggers. On other end, there are also so many products those are for normal guys or for anyone else.

Google Hangouts is another great feature of your Gmail account which was earlier called as Gtalk. You can use it to connect with your friends through chatting. But now you can get a new feature in this where you find all your Google Plus friends too. It will also show you all of them who are from your Google Plus circles. This update has also been come to Android.

How to enable new Google hangouts?

This is however very easy. In fact this is a one line trick. At first login to your Google account and click on your name. Therefore, you have to select option that says Try the new Hangouts.

Enable New Google Hangouts

It will automatically refresh your current page. After that you can find new Google Hangouts instead of old one.

How to disable new Google hangouts?

This is a common fact that every new thing might not be likable to everyone. So, if you don’t like this new Google Hangouts, you can easily reverse back to the old chat interface. To get started, again click on your name and Revert to old chat respectively.

It will again refresh your page automatically. After that, you can find your old/lovable chat UI.

That’s it! For better learning, you can watch this video.

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