A Virtual Keyboard for Chrome – Type Anything without Physical Keyboard

Chrome – a multi OS web browser which comes with a lot of extensions, apps, themes etc. This is the only browser which gives maximum accommodations and browsing speed. I formerly published so many articles focused on Chrome extension. They made any kind of task simpler and faster indeed.

Even though the physical keyboard is the best keyboard/option by which you can type very fast. It is far better than using on screen keyboard that Windows 7 and Windows 8 have. For testing purpose, I have used that for a long while on my Windows 8 PC but that was very time spender. It took 3/4 times than usual.

Although everyone knows that is not yet so good and user friendly with those people who don’t want to waste their time, what if your keyboard is no longer working? At this situation, you have two options. You either have to buy a new keyboard as soon as possible or have to use a virtual keyboard i.e. on screen keyboard.

How to use the virtual keyboard for Chrome:

Just like the on screen keyboard, there is a virtual keyboard for Chrome which is available on Chrome Web Store. It will simply display a keyboard by which you can type like normal keyboard.

The keyboard comes with only a few couple of settings where from you can setup auto clicking, keyboard language, UI and so on.

Virtual Keyboard for Chrome

To enable it for using, just press the keyboard icon from URL bar and choose either Always On or On-Demand. Always On will activate this virtual keyboard until manual deactivation and the On-Demand option will help you to get this keyboard when you want. You have to double click on somewhere to get that.

Virtual Keyboard for Chrome

That’ it! I think this virtual keyboard for Chrome will help you to improve your self-experience.

Download:- Chrome Virtual Keyboard (Chrome Web Store)

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