Use Free Web Proxy to Protect Online Privacy and Secure Browsing

Web Proxy is an internet based service which is generally used to hide the ip address of the internet user and keep the computer anonymous for various security reasons. Use of free web proxy websites is considered very useful as it shows the users ip address as a different one (different from user’s original one). A proxy website behaves like an intermediate to complete client’s request using another different server and different ip address.

Use of free web proxy to browse sensitive data is sometimes consider good to protect online privacy. Hidemyass is a free web based proxy service that let you browse internet anonymously to protect your online identity. With Hidemyass free web base proxy service one can hide the ip address and internet browsing history to keep himself away and safe from the spying eye of hackers who continuously monitor his online activities.

Some More Benefits of Using HideMyAss Free Web Proxy

HideMyEyes not only help you protecting your online activities from hackers and internet spy but also help you to bypass online restrictions those are restricted either for your country or by your internet provider. Using Hidemyass free web proxy you can easily bypass those blocked websites like Pandora and can access it easily.

Some websites are insecure and do not use any SSL security encryption. So sensitive datas are always in a risk from being stolen by hackers. But if you use Hidemyass proxy web tool, it can secure all the insecure networks by adding https:// before it.

How to Use Hidemyass As a Free Web Proxy for Anonymous Browsing

As Hidemyass is a free online web based proxy service so you can easily use it by copying the Link as your bookmark and browse websites using it directly from your bookmark bar. Alternatively Google Chrome and Firefox extensions are also available for the proxy service.

To browse a web address direct using HideMyAss open and in the ‘web proxy’ field type the complete URL of the website you want to browse, change SSL security option to ‘On’, from the ‘Advanced Option’ change ‘proxy server setting’ if you wish and press Hide My Ass! button to open and browse website using proxy server. Random selection of free proxy server will help you browsing using different ip addresses of USA and UK.

Use HMA Extension to Browse Websites Using Free Web Proxy

If you install and enable the extension you can easily open a website using it.

Method 1: Type HMA in the browser address bar and press ‘Tab’ and then enter the web address to open a website using hidemyass chrome extension.

Method 2: Open new tab in your browser & Click theĀ h button and in the enter url field write the url you would love to proxy and press “Proxy” button to proxy the website.

Method 3: Open any website as usual and press the h to open the website using free web proxy.

There is a also a paid VPN version of this free web proxy service. It uses 110 servers from different 61 countries and more than 53000 ip addresses to proxify a location.

I have checked my location using and get a proof of it. See the below screenshot to check my fake location when I actually was in Kolkata area.

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